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Per User, Per Month


  • Custom Organisation Name
  • Unrestricted knowby creation
  • Unlimited sharing within your team
  • Public Knowby Sharing*
  • Compliance Tools
  • Feedback and Analytics

Price in US dollars, plus applicable taxes.

*Public knowbys are priced at US 2 cents per view.

What is a knowby?

A Knowby is a digital instruction tool that breaks complex tasks into short, focused video loops accompanied by text.  This format enables users to concentrate on each step in detail.  The accompanying text can be automatically translated into any language, making knowbys accessible to a global audience.

There are two types of knowbys; private and public.

Private Knowbys

Private Knowbys are instructions created and stored within an organisation, accessible only to designated internal members.

Access Control: Only internal members of the organisation, registered as users on the Knowby platform, can view these instructions.

Pricing: The organisation is charged $3 per user per month.

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Public Knowbys

Public Knowbys are specific instructions that are shared openly, making them available to anyone who has the link, without the need for a Knowby account.

Access Control: Anyone can view these instructions, regardless of whether they are part of the organisation or not.

Trial Period: Currently, Public Knowbys are offered at no cost to paid users as part of a trial program.

Post-Trial Pricing: Once the trial period ends, Public Knowbys will be charged at a per-click rate. This rate is currently envisaged to be about 2 cents per click.

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